Blackstone & Burke Center for Law and Liberty


The Blackstone & Burke Center for Law & Liberty examines and promotes ordered liberty in the common-law tradition, including religious freedom, freedom of association, freedom of speech, and economic freedom. Because these freedoms have flourished under the common law and are secured by proper constitutional restraints, the Blackstone & Burke Center explores essential elements of common-law practice and jurisprudence within the framework of American constitutionalism, federalism, and private law.

The Blackstone & Burke Center is dedicated to the propositions that law is not merely sovereign command but rather that the first duty of legislative, executive, and judicial officials is to declare what the law already is. Therefore, the Blackstone & Burke Center generates research on natural rights, natural law, custom, conscience, and freedom of expression, in addition to the institutions, norms, and processes of private ordering that characterize the common-law tradition.


Dr. Allen Mendenhall
Associate Dean, Faulkner University Thomas Goode Jones School of Law
Executive Director, Blackstone & Burke Center for Law & Liberty


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