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Academic Success



The Academic Success Program (ASP) aims to assist students in fulfilling their academic potential and achieving their maximum level of academic and professional success. The ASP provides proactive support to students, empowering them to achieve a higher level of effectiveness by:

  • Welcoming first-year students into an environment they may find unfamiliar and assisting them in making a successful transition from their varied backgrounds to their new roles as law students and future members of the legal profession.
  • Offering Orientation programs to facilitate students’ transition into law school.
  • Integrating first-year students into the law school process and curriculum through the development of crucial skills that will help students learn, analyze, and communicate the law, and improve their performance in the law classroom, on law school exams, on the bar examination and in the practice of law or in the professional world;
  • Pairing each first-year student with a Dean Fellow (an upper level student) who will serve as a resource and mentor to the first-year student throughout their initial year of law school.
  • Providing an avenue by which all students can take advantage of the resources available to them; and
  • Encouraging students to develop and successfully use their own individual learning styles.


The Academic Success Program provides several services for all students and to students who have particular needs. These services include:

  • Academic Success Workshops: General Study Skills, Time/Stress Management, Note-Taking Skills, Case Briefing and Analysis, Outlining, and Test-Taking Strategies;
  • Course Specific Workshops;
  • Dean Fellows Small Group Sessions;
  • One on One Workshops to develop study skills; and
  • Study Skills Library located in the Jones School of Law library.