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Prospective Students



You can begin your law journey by taking a tour of the law school and sitting in on a 1L law class. To register, please contact Tina Foster, Faulkner Law Admissions Specialist, by email at or or phone 334-386-7531. If Ms. Foster is unavailable by phone, please email her.

For Students

Faulkner Law prepares students to practice law with purpose. We’re looking for students who see a law degree as a way to make a positive difference in their community. Your LSAT score and undergraduate GPA matter, but so do your character, leadership skills, and demonstrated public service.

Our graduates are successful judges, prosecutors, government attorneys, and public interest lawyers. Other alumni are working in private law firms, corporate legal departments, and academia, but they still make time to help pro bono clients and non-profit organizations. Faulkner Law graduates are dedicated lawyer-servants and we are seeking students who share that mission.

Faulkner Law ranks among the most affordable private law schools in the country. The law school offers generous, merit-based scholarships for deserving students with strong academic credentials. And unlike most schools, Faulkner Law offers additional scholarships for outstanding academic performance during law school.

From our upper-level pathways to practice to our nationally-ranked advocacy program to our award-winning clinics and field placements, Faulkner Law gives you the opportunity to put your knowledge, skills, and values to practice while serving your community.

We offer two degree programs:

  • Juris Doctor (J.D.) – This 90-credit hour J.D. program is open to first-year, transfer, and visiting law students.
  • Joint J.D./LL.M. in Dispute Resolution – This joint degree program is designed to permit students to complete both the J.D. and LL.M. degrees in the same three years it normally takes to earn the J.D. Faulkner Law students can apply up to 12 credit hours towards both degrees (a total of 100 credit hours is required to graduate). If you already have your J.D. you can earn the 24-credit hour LL.M. degree full-time, or part-time over a maximum of five years.

Scheduling Options

Beginning Fall 2020, we will offer three scheduling options:
(1) Full-time J.D. Schedule (full loads of on-campus, daytime classes over three years);
(2) Flexible J.D. Schedule (reduced loads of on-campus, daytime classes over four years); and
(3) Executive J.D. Schedule (reduced loads of blended classes over four years ) (blended classes will meet on campus on weekends or in the evenings and will have a distance education component during the week).