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Clinics and Field Placements


Lawyers are more than theorists, more than technicians. Lawyers are professionals who must integrate knowledge and ideas with skill, wisdom and creativity. Lawyers are public citizens with a great responsibility to their clients, the bench, the bar and society. Our clinics and field placements prepare students to enter the profession with integrity and excellence and with a heart for service and justice. Students synthesize substance with skill and experience the burden of serving live clients.

The clinics contribute to Faulkner Law's mission to serve the oppressed and vulnerable in our community. We work in collaboration with many other professionals to seek justice, to liberate the oppressed, and to take up the cause of the marginalized and exposed. The clinics afford a moment of transformation when students shift from performing with cases and problems to serving clients and people. By this service, students gain experience that is transferrable to all areas of their future practice.

Our clinics and field placements are open to all second- and third-year law students.

Elder Law Clinic
Mediation Clinic
Field Placement Program
Generational and Ancestral Property (GAP) Clinic

Clinic Faculty

John C. Craft
Director of Clinical and Field Placement Program

Kelly F. McTear
Director, Family Violence Clinic