Reciprocity – Faulkner Law


The law school’s Career Development Office provides reciprocity on a one-to-one basis to third year students and graduates of other ABA accredited law schools that allow Faulkner Law students and/or alumni similar access to their career services and facilities.

Available Services

Services available through reciprocity include access to Career Development resource materials and monthly job listings. Services that are not available through reciprocity include access to the On-Campus Interview Program, job fairs, recruitment programs and password-protected sections of the Career Development website.

Making a request

All requests must be in writing from the student or graduate’s Career Development Office at least two weeks in advance of the intended visit. Requests must include the address for the student/graduate. No walk-in requests can be honored. Reciprocity is granted for a three (3) month period from the date of the first visit. Reciprocity may be extended for another three (3) month period upon written permission from the Director. Students and graduates utilizing the services of the Career Development Office are requested to bring with them a copy of the letter granting reciprocity.

Reciprocity will not be granted during the fall recruitment period, August 1 – November 1.

Requests may be denied if the student or graduate seeking services is already receiving reciprocity or plans to seek reciprocity from any other accredited law school in the State of Alabama.

Applicants granted reciprocity must state in cover letters to employers that the job listings were provided by the Thomas Goode Jones School of Law Career Development Office through a reciprocal agreement with their school.

The Director of Career Development reserves the right to deny or revoke reciprocity privileges to anyone whose conduct is deemed inappropriate or to any law school surpassing a reasonable number of requests within any academic year.

Thomas Goode Jones School of Law reserves the right to modify its reciprocity policy at any time without advance notice.

Send requests for reciprocity by mail, fax, or e-mail to:

Bryan Morgan
Director of Career Development
Thomas Goode Jones School of Law
Faulkner University
5345 Atlanta Highway
Montgomery, AL 36109
Telephone: 334-386-7905
Fax: 334-386-7505