Faulkner Law News – Faulkner Law: A Challenging Legal Education in a Caring, Christian Environment


Faulkner Law: A Challenging Legal Education in a Caring, Christian Environment

Faulkner Law: A Challenging Legal Education in a Caring, Christian Environment

Founded in 1928 for working professionals, Faulkner University’s Thomas Goode Jones School of Law is now celebrating 90 years of outstanding legal education.

Judge Thomas Goode Jones, the law school’s namesake, was a governor and U.S. District Court Judge with a desire to unify the country. His calling to pursue the truth and serve his fellow citizen continues to live on in the law school that bears his name.

Jones School of Law continues to exemplify an unwavering commitment to a quality legal education in a caring, Christian environment where all people are welcome, and a respectful and civil dialogue enriches the classroom experience.

Faulkner Law: A Law School with Unwavering Values

Not only are students encouraged to excel in academia through a rigorous curriculum and hands-on experience, the school aims to inspire each individual to use their legal degree to seek justice and serve their communities, wherever that may be.

Faulkner University’s Thomas Goode Jones School of Law produces practice-ready attorneys who, in the spirit of Isaiah 1:17, yearn to serve their neighbor and seek justice for the most vulnerable among us. Called by faith to seek reconciliation, the law school’s mediation clinic, alternative dispute resolution certificate, and dispute resolution LL.M. encourage us to resolve our disputes amicably while preserving existing relationships.

While graduates often become successful judges, prosecutors, or government attorneys, others work in law firms, legal departments and academia yet still make time to help pro bono clients and non-profit organizations.

Dedicating themselves to a life of service, they continue to put their knowledge, skills, and most importantly, values, into practice long after graduating.

Providing an Excellent Legal Education with Invaluable Experience

While remaining one of the most affordable private law schools in the country, Faulkner University’s Thomas Goode Jones School of Law provides a higher education with unique advantages. In addition to the challenging curriculum and devoted faculty, the law school ensures each student receives the hands-on experience that’s necessary to be successful upon graduation.

Award-Winning Clinics and Field Placements

With access to live client clinics, externships, and clerkship opportunities in Montgomery, AL, students receive invaluable experience that allows them to enter the profession with a heart of service and justice, and the knowledge they need to be successful. Faulkner Law’s field placement clinic has over 200 offerings in federal and state courts, state agencies, law firms, and public interest groups, along with clinics that include elder law, family violence, and mediation. Through these clinics and placements, students gain hands-on experience that can be applied to all areas of their future practice.

Public Interest Program

Life is about service to others, and along with instilling the importance of aiding those in need and contributing to their communities, Faulkner Law’s Public Interest Program works to provide students with opportunities for service and placement in public interest careers. Being located in the Capital City of Montgomery, AL, home to the Alabama Supreme Court, Federal Defender’s Office, Alabama Attorney General’s Office, and countless other state departments, law students have the unique opportunity to gain experience, no matter their chosen field of legal service.

Nationally Ranked Advocacy Program

Through practice-oriented advocacy training, the Faulkner Law Advocacy Program ensures students are equipped with the skills needed in every phase of litigation. Ranked 15th in the nation by US News & World Report, the school’s Advocacy Program has earned countless awards, including 10 national championships, 17 regional championship titles, and more than 50 individual student awards, demonstrating its true impact.

While hosting the nationally-recognized Mockingbird Challenge, a national invitational mock trial competition, students from across the country have the opportunity to compete with teams from the nation’s top law schools. Not only does this competition give students experience in oral argument and in trial, but, at the same time, it fosters a sense of confidence in their knowledge and abilities.

As a vital part of the Montgomery community and the higher-education community throughout Alabama, Faulkner Law continues to provide students with a solid foundation of skills and knowledge that enables them to build their lives upon their legal profession.

As a law school that has a strong desire to see its students succeed academically, personally, and professionally, being a part of Faulkner Law means being a part of a law school that encourages a life of service through an unmatched legal education.

Learn More About Faulkner Law in Montgomery, Alabama

Faulkner University’s Thomas Goode Jones School of Law is a small, Christian law school in Montgomery, Alabama with a mission to provide students with a unique advantage through the rigorous curriculum and hands-on experience. While providing an education anchored by not only intellect but also character and service, Faulkner’s Jones School of Law seeks students who will not only succeed academically, but who also have a desire to use their legal degree to seek justice and serve their communities – wherever that may be. Contact Faulkner Law today at 334.386.7910.