Faulkner Law News – Faulkner Law honors their own during Meet our Vets event


Faulkner Law honors their own during Meet our Vets event

Faulkner Law honors their own during Meet our Vets event

img_9054The nation’s men and women who serve or have served in the armed forces can be found in the classroom or walking down the halls on Faulkner University’s campus.

Faulkner Law made a point to celebrate their students, staff and faculty who have worn the uniform during a solemn, yet festive ceremony Monday.

Old Glory greeted guests as they arrived at the law school before their eyes were directed to the MIA/POW table, which sat empty in the center of the atrium. It stood as a silent reminder of the sacrifices each man and woman are prepared to make when they sign to serve and protect the country.

Monday’s event was the second annual Meet our Vets event hosted and organized by Faulkner Law’s student Military Veterans Law Association as a way to honor the service of those who are also studying at Faulkner Law.

Made up of about 35 members, nearly half of the student law organization are veterans.  Each one was honored during the ceremony and guest Chaplain Col. Larry Layne led the gathering in a prayer before guest speaker retired Air Force Col. Chuck Ashley took the podium.

“I’m honored to see what is happening at Faulkner and your patriotism. Thank you to all your veterans. We are here to honor those heroes,” Ashley said.

“What I have treasured most from my 27 years in service are the wonderful people I met. They are some of the finest people I have served with. We had a common goal of defending the United States of America through a position of strength.

“I’m grateful for all you who have fought. I’m grateful that you all took time out of your day to remember those who served.”

Each year the Military Veterans Law Association organizes a community service project to give back to veterans. This year, they are collecting for Operation Christmas Troops. It’s a way to send care packages overseas to those who are currently deployed during the holidays. They hope to collect money and items enough to fill 100 boxes.

To donate email MVLA President Jessica Cotton at Jessica.cotton@faulkner.edu